I have worked with both filmmakers and artists who brings their unique perspective to develop an original cinematic language. Collaborators include:

Juan Vallejo (Cerro Rico, Tierra Rica), Anita Thacher (CUT, THE CHASE, THE END), Jack Riccobono (MAN VS MACHINE), Dachal Choi (The Kit), Woo Jung Cho (The Dream of the Audience), Barbara Hammer (Lesbian Whale), Yejou Lee (Pine Tree, Pine Tree) and Beomfe.


Raised in South Korea, and live in Brooklyn, NY. I am a 615 community garden member, scent sniff-er, dance lover, and friend of Esme.


To offset any anxiety you may have in pronouncing my name: it is tricky, many Uber drivers call me Jive like a dance and I like that. Just simply separate Ji and Ye – drop the S from the Yes. Ji Ye. Or simply call me Ji. That is totally fine with me.

You can reach me here: