(1990 – 2011)

(1990 – 2011)

Single Channel Video, 2011, 10 minutes 30 seconds
Everyday images that are woven together to create an intricately constructed visual journey that reconciles experiences with time and memory.



What one sees is, what was present. This piece was inspired by the image of a boy snapping a branch and haphazardly launching it into the air, simultaneously, as an airplane flies over his head. The camera follows the airplane across the sky and from then the viewer is taken on a journey. Meaning is constructing through the act of gathering images and collating them into phrases and sentences, creating pauses through sound and silence. The seeming absence of a common subject allows us to concentrate on the invisible, in-between connections that exist below the radar of everyday perception.

The work revolves around the idea of lost and found, the idea of capturing what is lost and found and when do we know that something is, in fact lost until an image jars our memory? Time and image are dependent on one another so that we can re-claim what may have been forgotten and re-visit it again.

In 2006, I made a narrative movie, based on an incident when I was ten. My friend’s family and mine went to a beach, where five members of the families were struck by lightning. JiYoon, my friend, died on the spot, and my brother lost his hearing for a short time. From this incident, I developed a script about two sisters: an older sister is hit by lightning and gradually loses her hearing and the younger sister acts as her caretaker. It was a big production, heavy equipment, organizing staff and adhering to a rigid schedule. I didn’t want to make a mistake so I did what I was capable of, stayed where I felt comfortable. It was a failure; I wasn’t connected to any part of the film, I even doubted what I had written. After that I started to shoot whatever captured my attention.

One day I shot an image of a girl playing in a sprinkler, that led me to other images: the rain, sunlight, dead plants on the street. Suddenly I was thinking about JiYoon, my friend who had died. I spliced in lightning. I realized what I had forgotten. After the accident, I was left alone in the car all day while everyone else was in the emergency room. It was odd, after the horrible storm, the sun was shining. I remember looking at the sun, the streaming sun in the parking lot and feeling it had more impact on me than the actual accident.

As the work moves forward, I see my forgotten self come to life, I become aware of parts of myself I did not know clearly before.

I don’t think people will read this film the same way I do, and that is what I am hoping. The viewer takes possession of the forms and translates them into what they are feeling, and what they remember.


OFF and FREE Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea